Hey, I am the woman behind Love, Calista and it's nice to meet you! Most people know me for being out-of-the-box, having quirky styles and unique taste. My passion for jewelry and accessories has been in my blood since I was very little. As a 3 years old girl, I love dressing up as a princess for most occasions. I also remember being very picky about what I want to wear and how I would match my clothing to my accessories, even being stubborn wanting a piece of lovely earrings way before I can make money to buy them.


As I grew up, I got exposed more to the world of jewelry. I was an assistant to my mom for her small boutique, which then expanded to 2 amazing stores! I also started making jewelry myself based on what I saw on my mother's stores (well, started with friendship bracelet - timeless trend among the teens). I started selling them to my friends at school and also to my mother's employees. 


I barely ever throw any of my jewelry collection, even when they're damaged, I would find a way to repair them. For me, jewelry is  a way of keeping memories alive. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. 

My passion is to design and create minimalist everyday jewelry with a fun twist, that would remind you of how beautiful you are and empower you to be a strong independent woman 

Fun fact: I’ve been collecting and DIY-ing jewelry ever since I was in primary school! Probably have 1000+ piece of jewelry and accessories in my lifetime.


Jewelry: anything dainty and personalized
Colour: Turquoise, Baby Blue, Minty
Material: Rose Gold
Flower: blush-coloured Peonies
Scent: Floral & Sweet

Place: Bali, Indonesia


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